Hello, Again

Hello, again.

It is now February 2018 and it has now been over 10 months since I last updated or touched ‘Renaissance Nerd.’  In the period of time since the last post, much has changed in our world and especially mine.  Independent of this change, a constant still burns within.  A desire to pursue and stretch our current abilities to their fullest capacity in order to establish newly discovered abilities, skills, and achievement.  The duality of the arts (right-brained) and science (left-brained) still astonishes and drives me to endless curiosity in the chaotic and ordered world in which we occupy and survive or thrive.

In this second go-round of the blog, I will bring more original content from myself, Pat Jones.

We’ll dive into my experiences at Stanford Graduate School of Business’ Ignite program.

We’ll discuss how in the world I earned a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering after spending more than half of my time on academic probation and staring down just 10 weeks to research, experiment, collect data, analyze said data, defend, and publish a thesis.

We’ll go on an adventure across Europe as I re-visit the life-altering journey with only a 55-liter backpack, a passport, and a cell phone.  And, a few croissants.  And, a couple shots of espresso.

We’ll peel back the layers of my history – even the dark ones.

How I earned a 0.91-grade point average at Virginia Tech.  How I am an only child but also a brother and the journey I took to understand my place within it all.  How I landed in the computer and communication field in the Navy after beginning a pursuit of becoming a naval aviator.  How I broke through the glass ceiling of becoming a first-generation college graduate.

We’ll explore previous professional odd jobs I held prior to joining the Navy.  Wal-Mart people greeter, Burger King drive-thru teller, to a new car salesman.  The lessons learned (and not learned) from an 18-year old new, Chevrolet and Cadillac car salesman are quite entertaining.  As I type that, I still chuckle that people financed vehicles from myself when I was 18 – ha.

We’ll examine literature and documentaries in which I have enjoyed in recently and believe you will enjoy, too.  As the personal library continues to grow, so too should our discussion and engagement with the material.

We’ll understand how I became fit-to-fat-to-fit.  I am certain I have done more transformations than Optimus Prime within the last 4 years.

We’ll bring in and revisit our previous blog post guests.  We’ll learn and understand where they are on their personal journey from the last time we heard from them.

Friends, I am very excited to re-engage with ‘Renaissance Nerd’ and share my thoughts, memories, and experiences with each of you.

Hello, again.


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